Healing Stories of Jesus

These were recorded between March and May, 2020.

2020 version Healing Stories study guide and worksheet

Luke , The Man healed of Edema ([hy-]dropsy),  5-5-2020
Mark  5:1ff, Healing by exorcism: The man at the Tombs (and the swine), Part 1, 5-1-20
 The man at the Gerasenes (and the swine), Part 2, 5-4-2020
Healing by exorcism:  The man who couldn’t speak
Healing by exorcism:
Healing by exorcism:  The woman bent over
John 11:1 ff,  The Raising of Lazarus, Part 1, 4-23-2020
The Raising of Lazarus, Part 2, 4-24-2020
Luke 7:11f, Jesus Stops a Funeral Procession and Raises the Widow’s Son, 4-22-2020
Acts 20:7f, The falling and raising of Eutyches, 4-21-20
Acts 9:36f, The raising of Tabitha, 4-20-2020
Matthew 27:50ff    The Saints rising in Jerusalem Good Friday, 4-17-20
2 Kings 13:(20)21,  The Dead Man restored to life via Elisha’s bones,  4-16-20
2 Kings 4:(17)18f,  The raising of the Shunnamite woman’s son by Elisha, 4-15-20
1 Kings 17:17f,  The raising of the Zarephath widow’s son by Elijah, 4-14-20
Matthew 21.  The healings at the Temple, Day One of Holy Week, 4-6-20
Matthew 8:14 – 17,  Simon Peter’s mother-in-law 4-3-20
Mark 5:24 ff,  The Woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment  4-2-20
Mark 5:21ff,  The daughter of Jairus, the synagogue ruler  4-1-20
Matthew 8:5-13,  The Centurion’s servant 3-31-20
2 Kings 5:1-14, The Healing of Naaman, Special Study 3-30-20
 Luke 17:11f, The Ten Lepers (Part 1), 3-26-20
Luke 17:11f,  Ten Lepers (Part 2), 3/27/20

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