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St. George’s is a faithful, vibrant parish located in the historic church district of Belleville, IL, serving and evangelizing in the community since 1880. When considering a location for a new church facility in the 1980s, we made a deliberate decision to remain in the community we were called to serve. We enjoy a long-time relationship with St. Mark Lutheran (ELCA), sharing our facilities, and joining in shared worship, stewardship, and ministry. As we entered our search, we reflected on who we are and our expectations as we look to the future, and developed the following statement of who we seek as a Rector:

St. George’s is looking for a faithful, spiritually gifted Rector

 to be a leader among willing, able and gifted parishioners for raising up Christian leadership in evangelism and discipleship formation; and who is a wise counselor with skills in nourishing loving Christian relationships, while providing pastoral care, fellowship and support to our parishioners;

 who knows the growth of the Body of Christ depends on giving attention to those of all ages, both already incorporated into the Body of Christ through their faith in Jesus Christ and the sacraments, as well as those who are not, by proclaiming the gospel of salvation through sharing the experience of God’s presence and by being a patient teacher;

 who will bless and foster our holistic small groups, and recognize their spiritual, pastoral and fellowship value; and will acknowledge and embrace our relationships with St. Mark Lutheran Church and Toddhall Retreat and Conference Center as partners in the work of ministry and the building up of Jesus Christ’s Body;

 who will proactively strive with us to develop and follow a comprehensive framework that will equip us for the growth of the kingdom of God through evangelism, education for discipleship and fellowship within St. George’s and throughout the community, and be so reliant upon the power of the Holy Spirit, that measurable growth is visible; in each of us and our families, and within our parish as we grow in numbers and understanding of God’s kingdom here in Belleville and its surrounding communities.

With this in mind, please take some time to review the rest of the information below. We are receiving interested candidates now. Please visit the Diocesan Transition Ministry page first. You may email your portfolio, resume, cover letter, and any other information to myself at, but please courtesy copy the Cannon to the Ordinary for the Diocese of Springfield, The Reverend Cannon Mark Evans,

Brian Maves, Senior Warden

The Prayer for St. George’s Rector Search

Our members and friends of the parish are encouraged to offer this prayer daily throughout our search process:

“God and Father of all, we praise you for your infinite love in calling us to be a holy people in the kingdom of your Son Jesus our Lord, who is the image of your eternal and invisible glory, the firstborn among many brethren, and the head of the Church.

We thank you that by his death he has overcome death, and, having ascended into heaven, has poured his gifts abundantly upon your people, making some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry and the building up of his Body.

We now beseech you, Almighty God, to send forth your Spirit, and assist us to discover and discern the priest who will work in our midst to indeed equip us, the saints gathered as St. Georges’, for the work of ministry and building up of Jesus Christ’s body.

Find us one who exalts you, O Lord, in the midst of your people; one who offers spiritual sacrifices acceptable to you; who boldly proclaims the gospel of salvation; one who rightly administers the sacraments of the new Covenant.

By your direction assist us to find that faithful pastor, that patient teacher, and that wise counselor. By your mercy and grace we seek that priest who serves without reproach, so that we your people may be strengthened and your Name glorified in all the world. All this we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.” Adapted from the bishop’s prayer of ordination of a priest, in the BCP

Information for Interested Candidates

St. George’s OTM Ministry Profile

St. George’s Parish Profile

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Natural Church Development Survey Results for St. George’s

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