Toddhall Retreat & Conference Center

Toddhall Retreat Center

The Toddhall Retreat and Conference Center is near Columbia, Illinois, about 15 miles south of St. George’s . This is a ministry of St. George’s Episcopal Church and was given to the church by the late Charles and Virginia Todd.  Toddhall provides convenient facilities for workshops, lectures, retreat and discussion groups with six meeting rooms, a chapel, dining room, and 45 guest rooms with private baths.

Toddhall is a place where we serve our Lord Jesus Christ by providing opportunities for people to grow, individually and communally, in the knowledge and love of God through His Word and creation.  Located on 45 beautiful acres, this is a quiet, restful place to spend a few hours or a few days.

Kevin Korte is the Executive Director of Toddhall, and a Board oversees the day to day operations of Toddhall on behalf of the Vestry of St. George’s.  Board members are:

  • Father Dale Coleman
  • Class of 2019:  Ed Parsons and Michelle Ziegler
  • Class of 2020:  Dan Duncan, Chairman; Jim Gillispie
  • Class of 2021:  Vicki Hall, Maryann Fernandez

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