Picnic Crowd

Annual Church Picnic

Early each summer we conclude our program year with a parish picnic – lots of good food, fellowship and games. This event is sponsored by the Fellowship Commission, but gather volunteers from throughout the congregation.

UntitledBlessing of the Pets

On the Sunday closest to the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi (October 4), we have a Blessing of Pets. The clergy bless each animal present – everything from dogs and cats, fish and lizards, rabbits and horses, to stuffed animals.

Mardi Gras

Shrove Tuesday Mardi Gras Celebration

Every other year the parish indulges in a bit of pre-Lenten frolic complete with food, face painting, and a talent show – some acts serious, some less so.  All acts are welcome and enthusiastically received!

30th AnniversaryOther Celebrations and Events

Our parish family enjoys being together, whether to celebrate baptisms and confirmation, ordinations, or other special events. We sometimes gather for an informal potluck, movie, or ballgame whenever the spirit moves us to gather for food and fun.