Gospel of Luke Focus of Online Bible Study

This past summer St. George’s had its first online bible study group on a private Facebook group site. It was a learning experience in adapting to the new format. There will be a few changes as we move into a new study this fall. The group will start out by establishing group norms to ensure that everyone is comfortable with our privacy.

Luke-for-Everyone-9780664227845We will be using N.T. Wright’s Luke for Everyone for the upcoming study.  Wright is one of the foremost scholars alive today on the New Testament. In this series he offers new translations of the entire gospel broken into short passages with one to three pages of commentary following the passages. Luke for Everyone does not assume previous bible study by the reader. It explains the passages clearly and provide a glossary for the highlighted terms.

The fall study will begin on Sunday September 15. New members to our group are always welcome. Please join us!

Fill in the form below to be added to our group or ask questions.


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