Online Bible Study to Begin with the Gospel of John

Expanding our digital opportunities was one of the insights that came from our Renewal Works program this spring. Our first opportunity will be a new bible study group hosted in a Facebook group site. The site is set up as a “secret” group so that no one outside the group can see our conversation. Everyone is invited, including friends, past parishioners, and others from diocese. Everyone in the group can add new people.


Our first study will be the Gospel of John. The Fourth Gospel, sometimes called the “Spiritual Gospel”, is a rich text with streams of imagery and a fully developed theology. John is a gospel that requires study and reflection to understand the theology of the Beloved Community that produced it and appreciate its depth. We will be using  Conversations with Scripture:  The Gospel of John by Cynthia Briggs Kittredge produced by the Anglican Association of Biblical Scholars Study Series as a guide and a starting point for discussion. You will also need a bible, any translation. This will be a communal study group without a “teacher”. I will act as a facilitator, gathering resources and keeping the group moving forward. We will start in earnest on June 30th to give people time to get enrolled and get their books.

To join the group, contact Michelle Ziegler, Mae Scott, or another group member. For more information or to arrange access to the group, you can also use the contact form below:


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