Announcements for April 7


SPECIAL THANKS to Rev. Ron Neustadt for leading worship April 7!

SHINE PRAISE SERVICE is this evening at 5:00 pm. Pastor Brian and Joe Hooten will lead the monthly worship service in the Chapel. The service is a Prayer and Praise worship with Holy Communion. It lasts no more than and hour and everyone is welcome!

FAMILY TREE: The first and second graders are creating a family tree for our church. Please print your name on a leaf, and add the date that you became a part of our church family. There will be a basket with the leaves available in the Canterbury room. We will collect the leaves over the next few weeks to create the church family tree. The display will be created on the large bulletin board in the Sunday school hallway.

PICTORIAL DIRECTORY: Please check the directory roster on the table in the Canterbury Room for accuracy of your address, phone, and email information for the new directory. Mark any corrections or changes in the white area next to your name.

SCHOOL DISTRICT 118 will be bringing food from their food drive on Monday, April 15. Volunteers are needed to help sort and box the food beginning around 12:30 that day. If you have any questions, please contact George Evans or the church office.

CLEANING OF THE DUNGEON: The Property Commission is in the process of making space in the dungeon for the Scouts to use. If you have put something down in the dungeon, contact Joe Hooten ASAP to let him know if you want it back. We have fluorescent fixtures, paneling, wood planks, blackboards, pin boards, barrels, snow blowers, and lawn mowers. If we have listed anything that you might want, let Joe know. He will probably let you have it.

THE WEDG (Women’s Ecumenical Dining Group) will be gathering on Thursday evening, April 18 at 6:30 pm at Eckert’s Restaurant, 951 South Greenmount Road (intersecting Hwy 15). RSVP to the church office at 233.6320. Come for Good Fun, Good Food, and Good Conversation.


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