Bulletin: February 5

St George’s Episcopal Church

Belleville, IL

This week:

  • Sunday   8:00 am   Holy Eucharist, 9:00 am          Church School, 9:10 am          Adult Forum, 10:30 am Holy Eucharist

  • Monday    6:30 pm Order of St. Luke – CR

  • Wednesday 9:30 am          Holy Eucharist, 10:00 am Prayer Group, 5:30 pm          Choristers, 7:30 pm          Choir     

  • Sunday     8:00 am   Holy Eucharist, 9:00 am          Church School,  9:10 am          Adult Forum, 10:30 am  Holy Eucharist

FOR PASTORAL CARE AFTER OFFICE HOURS, you can reach Fr. Dale at 789-3723.  Fr. Dale’s e-mail is fatherdale@sbcglobal.net   He takes Monday as his day off.  To schedule an appointment with Fr. Dale, call Janet at the parish office, 233-6320.

THE ALTAR FLOWERS are given today to the Glory of God by Ed & Cindy Lynk in celebration of Betsy’s 16th birthday and our 29th wedding anniversary.

THE SANCTUARY LIGHT is lit today to the Glory of God by Gary and Donna Rea in loving memory of Delores Kelley, Mom.

ADULT FORUM IN FEBRUARY- Beginning today Fr. Dale will be teaching on St. Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians.  Paul’s arrival at this thriving sea port and trading center in 50 AD gave him a great opportunity to widen the Christian mission he had been engaged in for many years. When Paul reached Corinth (where he stayed for 18 months), he found a pluralist religious culture at the still new Roman Colony. Questions covered in this important New Testament writing include ethics, the Eucharist, the truth of Jesus’ Resurrection, how the sexes should relate to another, a problems in the church of wide diversity, including wealth. New archeological evidence since the 1980s has provided many new insights into the make up of the church at Corinth.

ANNUAL MEETING was held  SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2012.     Congratulations to the new Vestry members are, Chuck Evans, Brian Maves, and Michelle Ziegler and to the Synod delegates are Marilynn Belleville, Chuck Evans, Cindy Lynk, Brian Maves and Michelle Ziegler and Dana Meyer is the alternate.


ASH WEDNESDAY:  February 22 we offer the Holy Eucharist and Imposition of Ashes at two times for this important day, which begins Lent.  At 9:30 am the worship will be a quiet service in the church.  At 7:00 pm we will worship jointly with St. Mark Lutheran and this Service will include hymns.


NEW HEALING PAGE – Beginning Feb. 12, we will have a new healing page.  Please contact the Carol Ludwick 337-2137 or the church office 233-6320 by Wed. Feb. 8,  if you would like the name to remain on the healing list. Unless otherwise notified, those on our Prayer List will be taken off after one month.  Please inform the church office, 233-6320, if you wish to have their names extended for prayer.


ST GEORGE’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH FLORENCE MARTIN 2012 SCHOLARSHIP. The “Requirements for Scholarship Applicants” as well as the “Florence Martin Scholarship Application” are available on the St. George’s web site https://stgeorges.wordpress.com.  The application can be filled in online and then printed.  All submissions must be enclosed in a sealed envelope and postmarked no later than Mar.15, 2012. 


COMMUNITY SERVICE.  It’s that time of year again!  We are collecting for the Violence Prevention Center.

The following items are really needed:

Diapers – 28 lbs and up        Paper Towels

 Baby Shampoo                      Baby or Children’s Tylenol

Cough Syrup                          Wash Cloths

Twin Sheets                            Towels

There will be 2 baskets placed in the back of the church for the donated items.

A DRAFT COPY OF THE 2012 PARISH DIRECTORY is available on the table in the Canterbury Room and on the counter in the Parish Hall.  Please check to make sure the office has your correct address, phone number, e-mail, birthday and anniversary.


FOOD PANTRY NEEDS:  The food pantry is running low on items;   especially meat products, tuna fish, canned beans, hand soap, dishwashing detergent.  The next food drive is not until May.  Please pick up a few items, if possible, when you are at the store.


THE NEW FORWARD DAY BY DAY- (February – April) available on the Tract Rack in the Parish Hall.


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