Bulletin: Oct 16

St George’s Epsicopal Church
Belleville, IL

This week:

  • Sunday   8:00 am    Holy Eucharist, 9:00 am   Church School, 9:15 am   Adult Forum – Book of Daniel, 10:30 am   Holy Eucharist, 4:30 pm  Joint meeting with St. Mark
  • Tuesday  7:00 pm EfM Alumni – YR
  • Wednesday     9:30 am   Holy Eucharist, 10:00 am Prayer Group, 5:30 pm   Choristers7:30 pm   Choir

                       134th Synod Friday and Saturday             

  • Friday  5:00 pm   Holy Eucharist for Synod

  • Sunday  8:00 am    Holy Eucharist, 9:00 am   Church School, 9:15 am   Adult Forum – Book of Daniel, 10:30 am   Holy Eucharist

FOR PASTORAL CARE AFTER OFFICE HOURS, you can reach Fr. Dale at 789-3723.  Fr. Dale’s e-mail address is fatherdale@sbcglobal.net   He takes Monday as his day off. To schedule an appointment with Fr. Dale, call Janet at the parish office, 233-6320.

THE ALTAR FLOWERS are given to the Glory of God today by Robert and Vicki Hall for blessing received and in loving memory of Bette Worley.

THE SANCTUARY LIGHT is lit today to the Glory of God by Joe Bono in loving memory of his wife Terri.

GOOD NEWS! CHURCH SCHOOL MEETS AT 9:00 AM IN THE CHAPEL.  After the opening the students will go to the classrooms with their teachers.                       

  2011 Staff

Morgan Dickey, Church School Superintendent 

Lana Kincaid, Chelsea Meyer – PreK

Viv Gillispie, Stacie Mize, Donna Rea, Ann Rosanswank – Grade. 1-3

Mae Scott – Grade 4-6       Julie Herr, Brian Maves –  Grade 7-12.

PLEASE NOTE: A joint meeting of St. George’s Vestry and St. Mark’s Church Council on Sunday, Oct. 16 will initiate additional dialogue between the two churches.  We encourage any folks leading various ministries to come.  This will be an open meeting, beginning at 4:30 pm in the Parish Hall.  The deadline for the November issue of St. George’s Dragon is next Sun., Oct. 23.  Please submit your news articles to editor, Tom Boschert at stgdragon@gmail.com or to the office at stgeorgeoffice@sbcglobal.net.

FR. DALE IS TEACHING THE BOOK OF DANIEL AT THE ADULT FORUM, 9:15 am for the next several Sundays. This is a fascinating book of the Old Testament comprising two separate parts which were put together dating 165BC, the time of the Jewish rebellion against the Syrians. It gives hope to God’s people, especially at times of great suffering and living under foreign oppression. For the past 150 years, it has been used to support all sorts of cranky ideas stemming from the fantasies of John Nelson Darby, now found in the Left Behind fictions. Come and study this Apocalyptic book at St. George’s Adult Forum.

COMMUNITY SERVICE COMMISSION is collecting items for Bethany Place during the month of October.  Items needed this year are personal care and hygiene items for men and women, and baby diapers.   Thank you in advance for your support.

2012 FLOWER CHART IS POSTED ON THE KIOSK IN THE PARISH HALL.  The cost of the altar flowers is $40.  Altar flowers can be given in memory of a loved one or occasion of celebration.

THIRD QUARTER FINANCIAL STATEMENTS are on the table in the Canterbury Room.
HEALING PRAYER – At each service, after communion, a prayer team is available for private healing prayer.  The team is located at the chairs on the left side of the Church.

Maxwell’s Restaurant will donated 10% of total sales on carryout or dine- in for Wed. Oct. 26 to St. George’s.  Maxwell is located at 10th & West Main in Belleville.

+ + +


Hosted by St. George’s

This coming Friday and Saturday, October 21 and 22, St. George’s will host the Diocesan Synod,  the gathering of clergy and lay leaders led by Bishop Daniel Martins.  This is Bishop Martins’ first synod as bishop.

The major event for our church will be the Solemn High Eucharist on Friday at 5:00 pm.   This will be a worship service with the Bishop celebrating the Eucharist and preaching about our Christian mission in Southern Illinois.

Everyone is invited to come and worship! There will be smells and bells, music provided by our choir, and pageantry.Please plan to be with us!


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