Lenten Thursday Night Program

Series to explore the meaning of Messiah for Muslims, Jews and Christians

The meaning of Messiah in Judaism, Islam and Christianity will be the theme of this spring’s Lenten Soup Supper program, held every Thursday evening from March 17 to April 14. Five visiting speakers, including our new Bishop Daniel Martins, will explore the messianic expectations to be found in the three great “religions of the Book.”

The schedule will be:

  • March 17: Imam Nadir Sanhaj and Abdul Kazi, MD — Muslin concepts of Messiah
  • March 24: Rabbi Mordecai Miller — Jewish messianic traditions
  • March 31: Father Warren Crews — messianic expectations in the early church
  • April 7: Pastor Ron Neustadt — millennialism, the rapture and what we really believe
  • April 14: Bishop Dan Martins — who is the Messiah for me? How do we as Christians live into the Messianic expectations of our faith?

Imam Nadir Sanhaj leads Swansea’s Masjid and Islamic Education Center; Dr. Kazi is a founder and long-time lay leader there. Rabbi Mordecai Miller comes from the Brith Shalom Kneseth Israel congregation in Richmond Heights, Missouri. Warren Crews is a priest in the Diocese of Missouri and has led various adult education programs at St. George’s in the past. Pastor Ron Neustadt needs no introduction, having just retired from our sister congregation of St. Mark Lutheran Church. And Bp. Martins will join us just four weeks into his new episcopate in the Diocese of Springfield in what might be his first teaching appearance among his new flock.

We’ll begin at 6 p.m. with a light supper of homemade soup, bread and relishes. Soup makers arise! Dust off your favorite recipes and share them with your fellow-parishioners. We’ll accept a freewill offering for supper; proceeds will go to a local organization designated by the Community Service Commission.

The program follows supper at about 7 p.m.

This series promises a fascinating discussion of a subject that stands at the core of Christian belief. Please plan to join us!


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