God and the Philosophers Part 3

This Sunday in the adult forum at St. George’s Episcopal Church, rector Fr. Dale Coleman will present his third of four presentations on “God and the Philosophers”. This Sunday at 9:15 am, the presentation will explore how the new assertion of Papal Infallibility led to the breakdown of the Eastern and Western Churches, and the Reformation-splitting the Western Church, causing an intellectual and theological crisis. With Christians fighting Christians, how could anyone be certain of the truth? Faith and Reason were split apart during this crisis, with after effects still harming the Christian Churches. Is the Pope right? That when he speaks on faith and morals definitively, that new doctrine is defined and irreformable? Or is the Bible correct? And how is it to be interpreted? This is a crucial challenge affecting all Christians today.

Come and join us at St. George’s for this presentation and discussion.

St. George’s Episcopal Church is located at 105 E. D Street, Belleville. Phone 618-233-6320 for more details.


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