Special Summer Forum: In the Beginning…


Led by Fr. Dale and Jim Massey

Who wrote Genesis?  Why are there different versions of creation?  Was Moses the author?   Does Genesis contradict scientific explanations of Evolution?  How does Genesis compare to other religious stories about Creation?  Is design part of God’s plan in Genesis?  What did the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 decide?

TODAY (Sun July 26) 9:00 am: Continental Breakfast.  All ages.     Thoughts from our new Sunday     School Director, Chelsea Meyer.   Introduction to Genesis by Fr. Dale at 9:30 am.

August 2 9:15 am: Genesis 1 and Genesis 2: The differing creation accounts by Fr. Dale.

August 9 9:15 am: Other Middle Eastern, Greek, and Roman views of Creation by Fr. Dale.

August 16 9:15 am: A scientist looks at Genesis with Jim Massey.

August 23 9:15 am: A dialogue on the American conflict over Genesis. The Scopes Trial of 1925, and its aftermath. Fr. Dale and Jim Massey.

August 30 9:15 am Genesis 3. The problem of evil.   Fr. Dale.


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