Bishop Beckwith Requests Coadjutor

Today, The Living Church reports (here) that Bishop Peter Beckwith of Springfield has officially requested that a call for his coadjutor be issued. A coadjutor is a bishop elected to act as his assistant bishop with the right to succeed him upon retirement or death. In effect, this allows the two bishops to potentially overlap for a period of time before Bishop Beckwith retires. According to The Living Church, Bishop Beckwith will be 70 years old in September. Mandatory retirement for bishops in the Episcopal Church is currently age 72.

The process to search for a new bishop will not begin until the Springfield diocese has been given consent from a majority of the bishops and standing commiittees within our jurisdiction. The Living Church reports that it is expected that consent from bishops with jurisdiction will be requested at the House of Bishops spring retreat that finishes this week on March 18. Usually, the diocese standing committee will directly contact the other standing committees for consent.


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