Bulletin: September 14

This week’s events:

Today 8:00 am       Holy Eucharist; 9:00 am       Church School; 10:30 am       Holy Eucharist

Monday 7:30 pm       Scouts – Parish Hall

Tuesday 6:30 pm       WEDG – Applebee’s, Swansea

Wednesday 9:30 am       Holy Eucharist – Chapel; 10:00 am       Prayer Group – Conf. Rm.;  5:30 pm       Choristers – Rm. 3;  6:30 pm       Folksingers – Chapel; 7:00 pm       Evangelism – CR ; 7:30 pm       Choir – Chapel

Thursday 5:00 pm Golf – Elmwood Golf Course;  7:00 pm       Toddhall Bd. – Toddhall

Next Sunday 8:00 am       Holy Eucharist; 9:00 am       Church School; 10:30 am       Holy Eucharist; 2:00 pm       Darrow Deanery, O’Fallon

FOR PASTORAL CARE AFTER OFFICE HOURS, you can reach Fr. Dale at 213-6071. Fr. Dale’s e-mail address is frdale@sbcglobal.net .  Fr. Dale will be taking Monday as his day off.  To schedule an appointment with Fr. Dale, call the parish office, 233-6320.

THE ALTAR FLOWERS are given today to the glory of God by Shirley Mize in celebration of Robbie and Stacie’s wedding anniversary.

DEADLINE FOR THE OCTOBER NEWSLETTER is Sunday, Sept. 21. Information can be sent to the church office at stgeorgeoffice@sbcglobal.net or to the editor, Terry (Theresa) Paeltz, at tntpaeltz@wisperhome.com or placed in a folder marked DRAGON in the wall file on the landing between the classrooms and offices.

SUNDAY SCHOOL HAS BEGUN! Our youngsters meet every Sunday in the chapel at 9 before going with their teachers to class at 9:10.  Sunday school lasts until 10:10.  THE ADULT FORUM will meet in the Parish Hall at 9:10.  Today will be the second part of our dialogue on the Lambeth Conference, The Anglican Communion of the Episcopal Church.  Betsy Rogers and Fr. Dale will lead this.  NEXT WEEK: A study of St. Mark’s Gospel lead by Fr. Dale will commence. Come join us!

THE WEDG (Women’s Ecumenical Dining Group) will be gathering at Applebee’s Restaurant, 2624 N. Illinois, Swansea, on Tues., Sept. 16, at 6:30 pm.  It is located across the street from Schnuck’s, north of the Belt on Hwy. 159, phone 235-4577.  WEDG is open to all women, age 18 and above, with fellowship as the key ingredient.  Please call the church office, 233-6320, for reservations (head count).  Come join in for good fun, good food, and good conversation.

MEN (MANLY EPISCOPALIAN NIGHT) will meet at Castletown Geoghegan on Tuesday, September 16 at 6:30 pm.


CHILI COOK-OFF – Help is needed to cook ground turkey for the Chili Cook-Off (Oct. 3-4). Cooking times are Wednesdays, Sept. 17 & 24, and  Thursday, Sept. 25, in the Parish Hall kitchen.  If you can help at anytime, please call David Buckley at 520-9333 to volunteer.

PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY:  The needle has been passed.  Carol Belt retired the end of August and is moving to Arkansas.  Carol passed the needles of the prayer shawl ministry to Lynette Schneider.  If you are interested in learning more about the prayer shawl ministry or know of someone that needs a prayer shawl sent to them, contact Lynette Schneider by email: MingTaoQR@aol.com or by phone: 618-416-2234. She will be glad to assist you.

If you attend St. George’s you are automatically part of the Coffee Hour Ministry!  Unfortunately, there seems to be a misperception that this ministry of fellowship and yumminess is run by a small, closed group…not so!  We are asking that every person at St. George’s sign up to serve at least one week over the next year (maybe two, if there is a need). You can share a week with somebody else or maybe your family might want to choose a week that will help you commemorate a special day…maybe a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a baptismal anniversary.  Or maybe your group or activity would like to pick a day to highlight your work in the St. George’s community or to get people excited about an upcoming event! Coffee hour can be as simple as some store-bought cookies and coffee, or can be more elaborate (but no competitions, please!) and signing up will include clean up, as well. The goal is a time for fellowship time.  Thank you to those who have served us for so long in this ministry…take a rest!  There will be a sign-up sheet on the kiosk in the Parish Hall.


Oct. 3 & 4 Chili Cook-off – downtown Belleville

Oct. 5  Blessing of the Animals – 4:00 pm

Oct. 12  United Thank Offering Ingathering


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